LipSense SeneGence Gloss Review

Five reasons to get the LipSense SeneGence Gloss

This lipstick is one of the most sought-after products of the company. The product comes with the goodness of Shea butter that makes the lips stay soft and supple for hours at a stretch. This beauty lipstick works best for the layering process. The company recommends you to give two layers for lighter colors and three for the darker ones. Then add the gloss to lock the color in and also to keep the lips hydrated with the beauty lipstick and glosses. Here are the five things you need to know about the product.

The main ingredients of the product

The base of this beauty lipstick is made of Shea butter that is full of vitamin E. The vitamin E softens and repairs dry and chapped lips on daily usage. You can reapply this beauty lipstick and glosses throughout the day to get a lasting protective cover on the lips. The lips will stay safe from the effects of pollution and UV rays damage if you step out with this product every day. The ingredients of this product are all taken from natural sources, so there is no damage to the delicate skin of the lips.

The longevity of the product

The beauty lipstick colors are not just varied, but they are all really long lasting too. The formulation is absolutely smudge proof and waterproof for at least five to six hours. The colored ones do transfer a little after about seven to eight hours. Still, it can be said that when it comes to beauty & lipsticks, the product really stays put on the lips all through the day in spite of all of your snacking, eating and drinking.

The shine of the gloss

The beauty lipsticks comes in four finishes namely, matte, shimmering, pearly and glossy. When it comes to shining, the glossy finish has glitters in it that gives a three dimensional shine when you apply it as a top coat on your lips. With these beauty lipsticks, your lips will have a natural shine that will stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the adhesive formula the shine stays on for hours, when you apply it on top of the lip color, making the lips look really appealing and beautiful.

Moisturizer for the lips

With all the ingredients, the beauty lipstick colors are a boon to the lips with its inherent hydrating properties. It does not make the lips look unhealthy or chapped. This beauty product has more qualities in it than just making the lips look good and shiny. In the world of beauty & lipsticks, this is the product that will make your lips healthy thanks to the ingredients put in the product. The lips stay soft and are prevented from getting cracked by the daily wear and tear.

A clinically tested product

The product has been tested in the labs to make it safe for use. The beauty product has been made in keeping with the best of international standards. All 0.25 oz. of product that you get is non-toxic and safe for using due to the rigorous checks that it undergoes at the laboratories. The best part of this product is that there has been no animal testing. The product is absolutely cruelty-free so that you can use it with ease.

LipSense SeneGence Gloss